Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still waiting!

So the seller came back with a counter that we, of course, countered. We should know by noon. I really hope it works out, but I am trying not to get my hopes up too high. Wow, buying a house is so nerve wracking!

If it doesn't work out, back to looking we go. I hope something comes up soon. We really don't want to pay month to month here for long. It's very expensive. Anyway, I know it will all work out.

So I have written about how Sam HATES tummy time. Not anymore! He doesn't exactly love it, but he doesn't hate it. This picture is proof!

We have had major progress in all areas. For the past week or so anytime we take Samuel anywhere everyone comments on what a good baby he is. And it's true! It's like overnight he turned into this easy going baby! He wasn't a bad baby before. He has always been really sweet, he could just be really fussy when he was tired which seemed to be most of the time. He even hated riding in cars. He doesn't seem to mind it anymore. We have been doing a lot of running around latley because of the home search and he has been so awesome! He just drifts off to sleep! I guess a lot of it has to do with him reaching 3 months. He has been going down at night with NO crying! None. And he is averaging about 6 hours the first stretch. Then it goes in 3 hour stretches. But when we get him up to feed him and put him back down he doesn't protest at all. He just goes right to sleep! And since he has been getting more sleep, he seems to be able to tolerate staying up a little longer and is in a much better mood!

Okay. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we get good news this afternoon! Wish us luck!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Home sweet Home?

Today we made an official offer on what might be our first home! Yay! I am trying not to get too excited though. Our offer is kind of low so I am hoping that the seller is super motivated to move. We should know by the end of the day. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Daddy comes home today!

Richard has been in Hawaii since last Sunday. He is there for work and he comes back today.

While he was gone Sam and I spent some time at home (MS). It was only about a 2 day trip, but we had fun.

I have to say though, we do best at home, on a schedule. And it really hasn't been hard being here and having night duty all by myself. Actually I am surprised at how easy it has been. But that's not to say we can't wait to have Daddy back! We sure have missed him!

We thought Daddy would get a kick out of Samuel picking him up wearing his Vanderbilt shirt. Isn't it too cute? :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Samuel, 3 months

Boys are found everywhere- on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping to. Mothers love them, little girls hate them, adults ignore them and Heaven protects them.

A boy is truth with dirt on it's face, beauty with a cut on its finger, wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and the hope of the future with a frog in its pocket.

I love you Samuel, my sweet little boy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zoo Day!

Samuel had his first trip to the zoo this past Monday. His Lady (my mom) went with us and she bought him this adorable hat to keep the sun out of his eyes!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sam's first Birthday Party

Sam went to his first birthday party yesterday. It was for sweet little Emerson. She turned 3!! As you can see, he had a blast :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Samuel, 12 weeks

We had Sam's pictures taken professionally today. Whew. It was during his nap time so it was touch and go there for awhile, but I think they will turn out great.

The photogropher just kept saying how big he was. She said he was the size of a 6 month old. I don't see it, but I guess that is because he is mine.

He laughs and smiles a lot more now. He hasn't laughed out loud yet, but I think that is coming very soon. Oh, and he loves to talk to you. He has so much to say. It's facitating and I would give anything to know exactly what it is he is trying to tell us. He HATES tummy time. He hates it so much that when you put him on his tummy he will turn over in no time. He started doing this about three weeks ago. We were suprised to seem him turn over so early, but we have a very strong baby. Physically and willfully. If he doesn't like it, you will know!

Nap time is still a struggle. This isn't a child that will sleep anywhere. In fact he really doesn't even sleep in the car. Isn't that wild?! We have a whole nap time routine that we have to do to get him wound down. We go into his dark room, I hold him tight and rock him and sing very, very softly to him. He usually will nap good in the morning (in his swing) but it's hard for me to get him down in the afternoon. And when he is out! This kid gets extreamly cranky when he is tired. I mean extreamly!

When he is well rested, he is all smiles :) He loves to watch his daddy 'dance' and act goofy. He will just stare at Rich and smile the BIGGEST smile. It is the sweetest thing. He loves to do patty cake and 'ride his bike'. He loves, loves, loves to look at things (including himself) through the mirror.

He does pretty good at night. He goes down about 7 and sleeps usually until 1:30 and then gets up again about 4 am. Then he is up at 6 am.

We still have nights that are hard on us and him. I think when he hits four months I am going to implement a stricter schedule and sleep training. I definatley think he is the type of child that will do best on a schedule.

He looks just like his daddy, but I am afraid he has my temperment.He can be fussy and bossy like his mom ;)

For the most part he is so wonderful. He is so sweet and makes me smile. My favorite times with him is when I am holding him close before bedtime and giving him his bottle. He is so peacefull and sweet. I stroke his hair and tell him just how much I love him.

He is growing so fast. I want to soak him up because I know before too long he won't be a little baby anymore. But I guess to me he will always be my baby.

Thursday, April 16, 2009