Wednesday, December 17, 2008

33 weeks and last baby shower!

Wow! I am 33 weeks! Can you even believe it? Actually 33 1/2 since I'll be 34 weeks this Friday. As Samantha says "that is really, really pregnant!".

My besties Sam and Christina threw me my third and final baby shower last Saturday. It was so, so much fun! I got some really great stuff including baby Sam's car seat! Yay! Now I won't have to strap him in the bumbo seat whenever we need to go anywhere!

As you can see I am the size of a small apartment. When I found out I was pregnant I remember thinking I wouldn't gain any more than maybe 25 lbs. Yea, let's just say at my last doctor's visit which was only about 2 weeks ago, I was at like 35 lbs! Seriously? I have a feeling I will be close to the 50 lbs mark when it is all said and done. I am praying I won't go over that although I don't guess it wouldn't be impossible or unreasonable to think I might even hit the 60 lbs mark at this rate.

And I am not one of those beautiful pregnant women who just glow. Nope. Not me. My stomach starts directly under my boobs so my entire torso is HUGE. And despite the weight gain my boobs have not grown. I can still wear the same cup size I did when I got pregnant. There really is no begining and no end when it comes to my back and butt. They just kind of run in together. Very attractive. I look like Danny DiVito as the Penguin.

Every time the MD sees me he comments on how big the baby is. Richard was over 9 lbs and I was over 8. I am just hoping this guy isn't going to be something like and 11 pounder. If so I think I will have to beg the dr. to take him and not tourture me with labor and trying to deliver a baby of that size. Then again, looks could be deceiveing. I am 5'1 with a short waist so maybe I just look a lot bigger than I (he is) am.

I am starting to feel a little better than I have been the past couple of months. I have also started washing all the baby's sheets, blanket and clothes. It's a fun chore though.

I can't believe in just a few more weeks I'll be holding him in my arms! Yay!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yay Samantha, Jason and Emerson!!

Last Friday my BFF Sam got the best news...their dossier was sent to Ethiopia and they are officially waiting! YAY!

I am beyond thrilled for them. Samantha has had adoption in her heart for so long now and it's so amazing that finally it's happening for them!

Soon they will have sweet baby Maya in their arms!