Thursday, April 19, 2007

Home Study Complete!

We finished our Home Study April 13. We went and had our finger prints taken today and Sara mailed a copy of the home study to CIS today! So, it possible we could have our approval and be on the list by June! At the very least we should be able to make the list by July!! Needless to say, I am very excited about how quick the first part of this process has gone.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Making Progress

The interview yesterday went okay. She just asked a lot of general questions about me and my family. Describe your parents. What were you like as a child? Are you close to extended family? What is your relationship with your brother? Then she moved into questions regarding Richard and I and our relationship. Our views on child rearing, discipline and such. The interview lasted just over an hour.

We can possibly have the home study done within the next two weeks, as long as all the referral letters come in. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that everyone sends them in soon so we can put the home study under our belt and start the wait for the 171-H form. We mailed in our I-600A form certified mail today! Sara said we should get an invitation to get our finger prints in a couple of weeks!

We have really done a good job and I am scared to say it because I don't want to jinx I won't say it, yet.

What we have left to get before completing the home study

Medicals for Richard and I
Richards letter of employment from his advisor
local background checks
pass port photo page (still waiting!)

Richard has his interview tomorrow and then we will schedule the home visit for next week.

I am coming home(Memphis/Mississippi) this weekend for Easter. I am so excited to see all my friends and to see Luke and Edward. It will be a nice break.

**I just checked on line and my passport is being processed! I really hope I get it before the end of April...we'll see.**

Monday, April 2, 2007


My first interview with our social worker, Sara is today.

I have a lot of paper work to turn into her today as well. In fact it is almost everything we need. The only things I am missing are the medical forms, Richard's employment letter from his advisor, local background check and oh yes, the photo page of my passport. It has been like five weeks since I applied and I am getting anxious to get it. I don't think we can finish the home study with out it. I am not sure, though. I'll check on that.

Good news! I have all the documents needed to send in our I-600A form to C.I.S. in Memphis! I am going to take everything to Sara this afternoon and have her check it before we send it. Hopefully in about 4 weeks we will get a letter inviting us to have our finger-prints taken.

I am hoping that by July we have the coveted 171-H form. This is when we will officially start the wait for being matched with our baby. I will celebrate like never before when we finally get this form!!

I'll update later and write more about the interview. Wish me luck! =)